Posted by: Kaijin | April 13, 2009

Higashi no Eden


Let’s get started on the best anime of this season. And for the record, I stand by that statement. Higashi no Eden, translated to Eden of the East is about a man who lost his memories in front of the White House, three months after after a terrorist attack on Tokyo. The terrorist attack known as “Careless Monday” was an incident where ten missiles struck Japan, but there were no apparent victims.  All this man has to find out who he is, is a new blank cell phone, and a handgun.
(Oh yeah, spoiler alert.)

Here’s the two main characters, the man who has no idea who he is, and a college graduate who was on a trip in NYC but took a detour to DC.

OP Analysis!


That entire paragraph there is used in pieces throughout the entire OP, I can’t find out where its from, so it might even be original.


After a short time, I found this quote is from Brutus, that’s right, from Julius Caesar. (And once again, awesome cell phone.)


OP is by Oasis, I say “Falling Down!” was a good match for this OP. This or they give Yoko Kanno a call again. Here we also see Selecao 1 through 12. Selecao means Selection in Portuguese. Anyone else getting Majestic 12 vibes?


Noblesse oblige, that’s a French saying if I’m not mistaken. It has to do with privileges and responsibilities, you can read all about it.
When I look at the cell phone now, I see that the top doesn’t match the bottom, the entire screen won’t be covered when it flips shut!


Selecao IX, who also happens to be the main character.
“The King has come! To save us from the dark! Who could ever doubt? We have faith!”
Man, I love these quotes.


Now here’s a big spoiler. The Selecao System, 12 persons selected in Japan. Not much else to go on.


Juiz means Judge. Juiz and the two quotes “Noblesse Oblige” and “The Abuse of Greatness” always appear together. We’ll keep that in mind.


Mr. Outside? The number of times the word Messiah appears in the OP is astounding. And the elevator sign? I’m watching for elevators.

The Actual Episode!


Cab Ass’n? I’m going to resist making the obligatory “junk in the trunk” joke. And I think they got the dash in the phone number in the wrong place.


Overall, I really liked their depiction of DC. I’ve never been there myself, but it feels like they accurately described it for the most part.


She needs to work on her football throw. And she’s realistically impossible. A girl that can fit all her clothes into one traveling bag? I can’t even do that and I’m a guy.


Oh noes! It’s the popo! Now to talk about all the English voices, they’re really well done. As they should be since they hired actual English speaking voice actors for the job. I really liked how the cop sounded all intimidating. And you can’t tell from the screenshot, but all the english in the episode was subbed in Japanese. Is it because the director wanted to make it seem more like a foriegn land where the viewer can’t understand the language is also intimidated? Or is it because people who watch anime are now completely fluent in English? Who knows. And you gotta love that “Oh Shit” face.


And here comes the main character. My first thoughts were somewhere along the line of “Wtf?” Then, “Hey, what’s the chance that the only break in that fence is in front of the White House.” And finally, “He’s waving a gun around in front of the White House and there’s only two cops? Where’s Homeland Security?”


I wanted to make a witty statement here, but I can’t find the words to describe how awesome that scene is. Something about filmtography or something…


And here we have a mysterious man who gives off evil vibes. “Mr. Outside” perhaps?


A cell phone…


…and a handgun. That’s all he has. Not even any clothes on his back. Sounds like the start of an MMO gone wrong.


Hey, the department of Commerce. On a side note, does this guy remind anyone of Morita from Honey and Clover. It’s like this is what Morita’s job really was.


What’s the lesson here? Flash a man and he’ll give you his pants? I’m not going to test that. I love the girl’s statement here when she says “This is crazy!”


I love the fact that the first words out of this guys mouth was “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” I think that’d be any normal person’s response. And the detail on those walls, wow. Looks like my old dorm and my old apartment. Oh speaking of apartment…


I’m seriously feeling like I took a step into my old apartment. Note: the most expensive thing in that room(that you can see right now) is probably that TV in the corner. Or that toaster… mmm… buttered toast…


I used to have maps on the walls of my room years ago. Of Hawaiian places mostly, but I took them down because I started to feel like a terrorist. If the FBI was to secretly raid my room, I don’t want to give them a reason to send to Guantanemo Bay.


I never saw Taxi Driver, but I loved the Bourne references.


Especially the one involving the toaster. We all know how much I love toasters.


And here’s all the information for the girl right here. There’s the tip guys! If you want to know everything about a girl, go for her passport or any other valid ID. You know… My passport photo looks like a mugshot. Theirs doesn’t. That just doesn’t feel right.


And here we have the main character name, Akira Takizawa, althought it seems to be doctored so none of that information can really be trusted. And also unlike a mugshot, that’s really not fair. Maybe its because their pictures are circular while mine was rectangular. Hmmm…


Toast is done!


So when police try to catch a suspect with only the size of his penis on a cold day to go on, you know its a lost cause. And the fact that he’s using the fact taht his penis shrunk in the cold to his advantage, that’s rather badass… or something. And I just Saki’s “OMGWTF?” face. Americans can’t make that face, because we’ve seen everything.


You can definitely see the Honey and Clover’s artist influence in the scenes, They are realistic, detailed, and utterly beautiful. And also, they’re in charge of character designs. I’m getting the urge to watch Honey and Clover all over again.


“Walk left, stand right.”

I’d like to take a moment to detract and point out how simple that is. AND PEOPLE STILL DON”T GET IT. Seriously, on a moving walkway, you walk on the left side, but if your just riding it, stand to the right. I can’t even count the number of idiots who blocked my way on the left side or walked into me on the right side. I know its nothing to make a big deal out of, but seeing that sign just made me want to get it off my chest.


“And my Johnny got whipped out!” That line floored me. That pose just finished me off. That’s the kind of pose I like to use. I really like Akira as a character, he’s just plain awesome, badass, and hilarious.


And we’ll stop here with a video of CNN. It really looks like CC, even has the scrolling newsbar at the bottom.


Futuristic Imagination by School Food Punishment. I really liked the OP and ED, they were both really well done and just plain awesome. You can see the Honey and Clover art influence in this ED, the things they do with paper in the ED just blow me away. I love the song and already have it ripped so I can listen to it without replaying the vid over and over. I can’t wait for their CD to come out at the end of May. And yes, I’m still laughing at the name… School Food Punishment… hahaha!

Here’s a few pics i took from their blog.

hdamn i lost track of the number

See how awesome that phone is? Even though it’s not symetrical, it still looks cool. I’d love to have it. I mean come on, that emblem is just sweet.


See? I think I’ll use this as my new Facebook pic.

selecao numbers

Or maybe just one of these, I wonder who the rest of the numbers are.

noblesse oblige

Noblesse oblige, people. Noblesse oblige.

Well that’s it for my review! Kai out! May the Lord be by your side.
(And you’d get this post and all its little references a lot better if you just watched it yourself. So go now!)



  1. Let’s get started on the best anime of this season.

    Damn straight. Man, I can’t wait for the next episode of this. And there’ll be a movie eventually!

    I can’t remember being this fanboy-ish over something since the run-up to the Avatar finale. (Yes, I watched and loved Avatar. My ‘cred’ has now evaporated.)

    • Indeed, hey Avatar was one of the last good shows on Nick. I remember that show, always will.

  2. Hey do japan actually making that kind of cell phone ?


    • Not really, but they do make really awesome cell phones.

    • japan DOES manufacture this kind of noblesse phone…i found a picture of it in some website..well, it actually does look like the ones in the anime..but of course the features are different..yet it is sooo cool if you have one of these! ^___^ cant wait for the movie! KING OF EDEN and PARADISE LOST.. this will be a lloooonnnggg wait..

      • I stand corrected, you’re absolutely right. Needless to say, it looks pretty neat.

  3. Yeah right that phone is awesome, i’d probs break it pretty quick though ^_^ I’ve watched up to episode 8 of this now, subbed as of this morning, and its darn epic!

    Btw I’ve set all the background and themes on my phone to be like the one on the show! (Jeez i have waaaaay to much free time ^_^)

  4. cool,i really like this anime i saw all episodes and i must to see the movie,anyway is a great anime and funny

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