Posted by: Kaijin | February 6, 2010

The Best Conspiracies That 10 Billion Yen Can Buy

A Man with no memory, a cell phone loaded with ten billion yen, and a realistic modern world. Add these together and you get the exciting adventure that is Eden of the East. From the creators of Ghost in the Shell, and artistically crafted by the artists from Honey and Clover, Eden of the East is both candy for the eye and mind. Now, let’s see if I get get through this without too many spoilers.

First, let’s see the opening. As opening go, even EotE’s opening is special. Using “Falling Down” by Oasis and combining it with almost-spoiler content, they have a enticing opening that does what its supposed to, leave you wanting to see more.

Art Style
Everyone knows that each anime studio has its specific and glorifying art style. There’s Kyoto Animation with its moe blobs, Shaft with its randon art cuts, and so on. Production I.G. has been know to “keep it real”, Keep things in proportion and make things look modern. They did it for Ghost in the Shell, and again this time around for EotE. Having the artists from Honey and Clover can really be seen throughout the show, from the character designs to the beautiful scenery.

There’s a shot from Honey and Clover…

And here’s a shot from EotE. See what I mean? It fits the show, and its visually appealing. I liked it.

Next up, characters. An important part of any anime, characters are an integral part of whether the show is awesome or epic fail. The cast is relatively large, but only a few characters play an important role in EotE. I’ll just go through the important ones.

Takizawa Akira

Takizawa is great, that is the best way I can sum it up. His character is set up as the man with no memory, but he gets an awesome gadget to help him in his time of need. The one thing he does remember is movies, which we see a lot of references throughout the show. He’s smart, charismatic, and a hero. He’s also silly, which is a great comedy driver through the entire show. He’s far from the anime average “lame guy gets all the girls” or the “strong idiot” types, and he stands out all the more brightly.

Saki Morimi

Saki is, well, Saki. Honestly, I think I suck at describing. The main heroine of the story, Saki’s position is hard to pinpoint. She isn’t the damsel in distress, she just kind of tags along for the ride.  I heard from many people that she appears to be kind of frumpy, I sort of get what they mean. She doesn’t really stand out and isn’t exactly glamorous, but I think that was the way her character was intended, so its good. But even as frumpy as she is, she apparently has the Midas touch, able to turn the value of junk into gold, figuratively.


Portuguese for “judge”, Juiz is Takizawa’s concierge. With only her voice to grade her character, it was kind of hard nailing her as a character and not a plot gimmick. But through the short phone chats with Juiz, you get to see more of her “personality”. She cracks situational ironic jokes and supports Takizawa, with a voice that is always even, but never monotone. At one point, Takizawa wonders whether Juiz is just one person, or many people in the same room like a telemarketer’s call office.


Twelve men and women from different backgrounds(including Takizawa), all chosen(Seleccao is Brazilian for “Selection”) to make Japan better. Each of them is given ten billion yen to do whatever they want, as long as its remotely related to bettering the country. Those that run out of money are eliminated by one of the twelve, quite an evil organization with a noble goal.

Eden of the East

A group of mainly college students(including Saki), they started as a small recycling group which made use of Saki’s Midas touch, but exploded into a popular website with image recognition and tags/annotations. Apparently, most of them are social withdrawals, from hiding in closed spaces to living alone in an apartment with no pants. Although they seem to be as useless as Saki in the beginning, they’re position in the story is made clear at the end.


EotE’s plot is not like any other, its amazing. If I had to say something. is it a techno-thriller or something? I don’t know. What I do know, is that it involves conspiracies, technology, cell phones, 10 billion yen, and crazy people with access to all of the above. Basically, without me giving away too much, its about a guy who has no memories, trying to figure out what he was doing before he lost his memories. The only problem is that the only people who have any idea who he is are also his enemies that want him dead. But to help him in his time of need, is someone named Juiz that he can only contact by phone. She does everything he asks, for a small price. Using his ten billion yen, Takizawa has to find out what happened to himself, without getting killed.

I think I did a good job of not spoiling anything. Yay me.

My Opinions
Okay, now for the most fun part of this review, what I think of it! Here’s how I usually rate things: Extremely good = buy it! Good = Watch it. Okay = At least try it. Poor = Watch it on a rainy day. Bad = Watch it if you want less brain cells(actually, I put lots under here because of their fanservice-dumbening factor). And finally, Horrible = Avoid at all costs.
Eden of the East gets, you guessed it, BUY IT! I certainly will. Aside from the nice visuals, good music, smooth voice acting, awesome plot, and I’m-running-out-of-synonyms-for-good directing/pacing, this show is awesome. Its’ the type of show that only comes out every several years, one of the classics, one of the best, one that will be remember by people in the next decade. Like Ghost in the Shell, legendary. The end.

Finally, the ending song.

I’ll always laugh at the name, School Food Punishment, always.
That aside, the art work for the ending is creatively inspiring. For those of you who watching Honey and Clover, you can see the similarities. I’ll just say it again for emphasis, it’s creative, it’s awesome, and I like it.

And that’s a wrap folks, if you want more, I actually wrote a review for the first episode a while back. I was going to do an episode-by-episode type deal, but that didn’t work out so well. Well, that’s it, happy watching!



  1. Brilliant. I’m sold.

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