Posted by: Kaijin | February 25, 2010

The Crazy College Life

Your average college students, an everyday city, ordinary lives doing ordinary things. All these normal elements come together to deliver some fantastic stories, hearty dialogue, and one of the best anime drama stories I’ve seen. The manga earned the 2003 Kodansha Manga Award and the live action film won actor Yu Aoi the award for best actress of 2008 for her role as Hagumi Hanamoto during the Yokohama Film Festival. In total, Honey and Clover had its first run, an anime sequel, two OVAs, a live-action drama, and a manga. Pure success.


The first opening for H&C was great, but unfortunately, it was dropped and replaced. If I remember correctly, there was some problem with some French guy claiming they were stealing his art style or something. Anyway, I truly liked the art direction that they showed. The staff for H&C had many artists, from clothing to sculptures, they had artists from everything. And I do recall that the setting is based on a real location somewhere in Japan. How awesome is that.

Art Style

H&C’s art style is realistic with a touch of artistry. They mix in enough art that makes it unique and nice for eyes, but doesn’t blind you. It may not be 3D like Ghost in the Shell, but it has its own appeals. With a full team of artists in the staff, one can see how they use softer bright colors during the lighthearted times, then switch to darker colors during the hard-hitting drama moments. There’s one scene that sticks in my mind in particular. I couldn’t really isolate it, so it’s the last two minutes of this(feel free to watch the entire clip though!) :

It’s the lights on the ferris wheel, it feels so melancholic, it’s disturbing. It reminds me of a time when I was in high school. I wanted to be an architect and had a part-time job in a architectural firm. Just like in the story, they had a major project one day. It was a hotel in the city of Tampa. I was more of a manual labor guy than an architect, so I spent a lot of time on site. When we worked into the nights, we’d go to a restaurant nearby and have a blast. Those are the melancholic moments I miss the most. Anyway, that’s their art, so awesome it reaches the depths of your soul. Or something.


There’s awesome music here, sung by Suga Shikao. He also made music for xxxHolic and and Boogiepop Phantom. Aside from his musical talent, there’s the complete music composition staff of H&C, always there to keep the mood of a certain scene. The music for H&C is essentially precise for the show, enhancing the mood of every scene.


The characters of H&C are extremely well made, they have their own strengths and weaknesses. They’re diverse and unique, yet share similarities that bring them together. Their personalities truly come through in their voices and actions. Well done, well done.

Yuuta Takemoto

Takemoto is your typical freshman, the last addition to the cast of characters that have been together for years. His naivety had been taken advantage of, his knowledge tested, and his sanity broken. Personally, I found it neat that he got his hair cut at the beginning and it grew back as he “grew”. Through the series, his character has the most development and the most growth, effectively making him the main character.

Takumi Mayama

Mayama is voiced by my favorite male voice actor, Tomokazu Sugita. Tomokazu also voiced Hideki in Chobits, Yuuichi in Kanon, Kyon in Melancholy of Haruhi, and Rin in Shuffle. His good track of voice acting aside, he delivers another good voice in this one. Serving as a the main love interest of one of the female characters, he tries to protect and not hurt her while trying to pursue his own love interest. The drama of his conflicts make up one of the most major plotlines in the story.

Shinobu Morita

Morita is by far my favorite character. He’s spontaneous, wacky, and downright comedic. He has a relatively small part in the story compared to his friends, but still enough that he isn’t a useless side character. His background is also expanded in the sequel. Personally, I think he looks like Takizawa from Eden of the East, but maybe that’s just me.

Ayumi Yamada

Serving as one of the few females in the show, Yamada delivers some comedy with a heaping load of drama. As a character, I think she’s great. But I’ve heard around that people think her character is somewhat unrealistic in some aspects. Can’t be perfect can we?

Hagumi Hanamoto

Hagu, as they call her, is the other new bird besides Takemoto. Burdened by excellent talent, she tries to satisfy the expectations of those around her while dealing with her own problems. Personally, I have to say: why make her tiny? Her character looks like a grade schooler in comparison to the others. Oh well. Her story itself is interesting and her character is a new mold.


The plot is standard mold, love, academics, and friendship. Although its standard, its done well. The comedy is great, the story is moving. The characters learn, grow, and move on. In a few simple words, its the crazy college life. Following Takemoto through his years through college, the story goes through the hardships of him and his friends. Extremely character-driven, each arc focuses on a few of the characters while putting the others on the sidelines. By the end of the show, all the characters are better than they started off with, and there’s a happy ending.

My Opinions

Time for me to rate it!  Remember my rating of: Extremely good = buy it! Good = Watch it. Okay = At least try it. Poor = Watch it on a rainy day. Bad = Watch it if you want less brain cells. And finally, Horrible = Avoid at all costs.

Honey and Clover gets a Good! It definitely deserves at least a watching.  I’d personally buy it, but I’ve heard it isn’t so highly rated by others. A few complaints include: the women aren’t as realistic as the male characters, once the comedy is gone it gets boring, and its melodramatic. But I don’t care, I thought it was great. H&C is one of the best slice-of-life animes that I’ve ever seen, and I’m sticking to that statement.


First off, I find it funny they started the ED vid showing the last few seconds of that episode. It’s a good closer for a good show.

That’s all! Happy watching folks! Kai out!



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