This is the place where I keep all my memorable little taglines. This serves really no purpose, but I like to keep them around because they’re amusing(to me).

  • Continuing to Define the Next Stage in Idiocy.
  • Forgetting All the Important Things.
  • It’s Not Stupidity, It’s Apathy To Intelligence.
  • Where Apathy is Bliss.
  • Where Not Caring Is An Art Form.
  • Searching For Things To Actively Not Care About.
  • Not Caring For Over Five Months.
  • Taking Care To Not Care.
  • ALL HAIL LELOUCH! (Code Geass R2 Ending)
  • Cut Off The Limbs! (Dead Space)
  • Faster Than The Speed Of Dial-up!
  • Fortes Fortuna Juvat(3rd Marines Motto, The Apocalyptic War)
  • Shazam! Update!
  • The Pool is Open.
  • Noblesse Oblige(Higashi no Eden)
  • Where Creative Minds Go to Die
  • Making Fun of the Poor People(Honey and Clover)
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