About Me

Name: Kei Tsubasuke(Kaijin)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Nationality: Asian-American
Height: 5′ 5″
Occupation: Financial Services
Hobbies: Writing, Drawing, Gaming, and Watching Anime.

Contact Information
Email: k.a.tsabasuke@gmail.com
AIM: Kaijin001

About Myself
Hey World! Here’s a little segment where I get to talk about me! So here we go!
I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, the best place on the planet. After living there a few years, I moved to Kauai and went to elementary school. After a few years of that, I got sent Stateside. I went from LA, to Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas(oops, Fort Worth actually), and my final stop, Florida. Of course I moved inside Florida, from the tiny country town of Auburndale to the traffic-jammed Tampa. I liked it there, but now I’m in Atlanta.
Now for more important stuff, my hobbies! I like anime, manga, and games. I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, and doing stuff on the computer. I like games of all kinds: outdoor games, sports, board games, card games, and definitely video games. If it’s fun, chances are, I like it. The only restriction to that rule is: I have acrophobia(oh, and I’m not gay).
Some of you may ask, so what? Is this just another anime fanatic blog? Hey, could be. Truth be told though, I don’t like blogging about anime because there’s so many others that can certainly do it better. This isn’t a gamer’s blog either, that’s what IGN, Gamespot, and Gametrailers are for. But, I will still talk about anime and games. They are my hobbies after all.
Getting back to the point, this website exists as my creative playground, where I can hopefully put up stuff and get some feedback on it. It’s been kind of like a dream of mine to produce something, a novel or a comic. Something that I can funnel all my creative energy into, and hopefully something that someone out there could appreciate.
I’ve been working on this piece of work for several years now, and maybe it’s finally turning into something. Who knows. That’s me in a few paragraphs, I suppose.

About the Xanadu Network
The Xanadu Network(which this website is named after) was something I created a while back. It began as just a group of friends who I liked to share my works with. The internet came around and it first became a website hosted by Yahoo Geocities. The group grew and shrank, the website moved from place to place. Most recently, it moved from Freewebs to Blogger to here.
Today, the Xanadu Network still remains as the place where I dump my creativity and my not-so-well-thought-out rants. It’s role has slightly diminished thanks to sites like DeviantArt, but that’s okay.
The Xanadu Network as you can see, has a tropical theme to it with a random picture of Hawaii on it. I do this because of my love for the islands and because it is where the Xanadu Network began. But its also kept plain and simple, because I’m lazy and apathetic. I use the tagline to further the joke. Anyway, someday in the future I hope to tweak more and make it look nicer/better.
I like to post my thoughts and works on here. Rants, my opinion on certain issues, personal reviews, my writings, and my art. Someday, I would like to start a comic. But I think that’s a little far in the future right now.
As always, I appreciate feedback, although I hope it’s constructive. I’m always up for meeting new people with different perspectives on different subjects, life’s more interesting that way. With that said, Welcome to the Xanadu Network!

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