Posted by: Kaijin | November 2, 2010

End of this thing

I decided to merge this blog with my other one to make things simpler. Go there. Or go elsewhere.

Posted by: Kaijin | February 25, 2010

The Crazy College Life

Your average college students, an everyday city, ordinary lives doing ordinary things. All these normal elements come together to deliver some fantastic stories, hearty dialogue, and one of the best anime drama stories I’ve seen. The manga earned the 2003 Kodansha Manga Award and the live action film won actor Yu Aoi the award for best actress of 2008 for her role as Hagumi Hanamoto during the Yokohama Film Festival. In total, Honey and Clover had its first run, an anime sequel, two OVAs, a live-action drama, and a manga. Pure success. Read More…

Posted by: Kaijin | February 6, 2010

The Best Conspiracies That 10 Billion Yen Can Buy

A Man with no memory, a cell phone loaded with ten billion yen, and a realistic modern world. Add these together and you get the exciting adventure that is Eden of the East. From the creators of Ghost in the Shell, and artistically crafted by the artists from Honey and Clover, Eden of the East is both candy for the eye and mind. Now, let’s see if I get get through this without too many spoilers.

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Posted by: Kaijin | July 4, 2009

Be a Messiah

Want ten billion yen? Too bad, but you can have the phone.
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Posted by: Kaijin | April 13, 2009

Higashi no Eden


Let’s get started on the best anime of this season. And for the record, I stand by that statement. Higashi no Eden, translated to Eden of the East is about a man who lost his memories in front of the White House, three months after after a terrorist attack on Tokyo. The terrorist attack known as “Careless Monday” was an incident where ten missiles struck Japan, but there were no apparent victims.  All this man has to find out who he is, is a new blank cell phone, and a handgun.
(Oh yeah, spoiler alert.)
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